Water-Jet Mosaic Collection offers the idea and concept of intricate curves and graceful mosaic designs. Precision cuts are achieved by using computerized water jets. This technology is by far the most upto date enabling our team to create fresh design concepts.
Xiamen Orion Stone&Tile Co., Ltd offers this elegant mosaic collection in many shapes like in popular marble like Carrara White, Calacatta, Oriental White and Thassos White for an popping feel to accomplish your project in style.
Customize your space using the mesmerizing designs of Waterjet Mosaics. These versatile floor or wall tiles give the option of curved or softer lines, and often mix materials such as glass, metal and natural stone as well as rare materials such as mother-of-pearl, moonstone and more.

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Flower Shape Water Jet Marble Mosaic

Water Jet Marble Mosaic Wholesale

Wave Shape Water Jet Marble Mosaic

Leaf Shape Water-Jet Marble Mosaic

Oriental White Marble Water Jet Mosaic

Thassos White Marble Water jet Mosaic

Multi Material Water jet Marble Mosaic

Leaf Shape Water Jet Marble Mosaic

Lantern Water Jet Marble Mosaic

North Pearl Marble Water Jet Mosaic Leaf shape

North Pearl Marble Lantern Water Jet Mosaic