Imported Marble is the marble material we imported from oversea to China for production and sell. So we not just focus on China marble, also can provide Canada, United States, Brazil, India, Indonesia, France, Italy marble material to our customer. The imported marble can offer various color and panther to our customer, so it is amazing material for creating kitchen countertops, bath tops, bench tops, work tops, waterfall islands, cut to size, mosaic tiles, marble tiles, marble slabs, marble fountains, marble fireplace surrounds, pool surrounds, fireplace mantel, coping, marble window sills, trims, thresholds, wall and floor application for properties of residential and commercial 

The popular color and material used is white imported marble, imported black marble, yellow imported marble, imported green marble, imported blue marble, imported cream marble, imported ivory marble and so on. Such as material of Calacatta Fiorito, Calacatta Viola, Calacatta White, Lilac White Marble, Carrara White Marble, Bianco Carrara Marble, Eramosa Brown Marble, Calacatta Lincoln Marble, Colorado Yule Marble, Laid Grey Marble, Antique Grand Marble and more.

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Green Rainforest Marble – Elegant and Durable Natural Stone

Sarrancolin Versailles Marble

Opéra Fantastico Marble

Roi Soleil Marble-Carrieres Plo SAS

Galaxy Silver Grey Marble

Luna Perla Marble Slabs

Columbia White Marble Slabs

White Jade Marble Slabs

Statuario Marble Slabs

Pietra Grigia Marble Slabs from Italy

Greek Green Marble

Brazilian Calcite Azul Stone Slabs