China granites are famous and popular granite material for building, landscaping and decoration, they are very popular in many countries all┬á over the world. There are many color of China Granite Colors we can provide, China Black Granite, China White Granite,┬áChina Red Granite,┬áChina Blue Granite,┬áChina Green Granite,┬áChina Yellow Granite,┬áChina Grey Granite,┬áChina Pink Granite┬áetc. Chinese granite Shanxi Black is the absolute black granite and it’s one of the hardest granites.

China Granite Products: China Granite Tiles, China Granite Slabs, granite countertops for kitchen and bathroom, granite tombstone and monuments, granite paving stones, granite cobble stone, granite coping,  granite fountain, granite fireplace surrounds, granite pool surrounds, granite kerb stones, granite slabs, trims, granite vanity tops, granite stairs, windowsill, granite carvings etc.

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