How long is the service life of decorative stone?

How long can decorative stones last? Nobody can tell. In fact, the standard for judging the “service life” of stone is not clear, but the “service life” of different varieties will vary greatly. Therefore, it can only be measured from the following aspects:

  1. Whether the decorative performance loses color, luster, and pattern. Has the decoration effect been lost?
  2. Whether there are cracks in the surface, causing the plate to fall off?
  3. Different stones have different acid-base resistance, different weathering speeds, and different service life.
  4. For example, outdoor “life” is much shorter than indoor “life”.
  5. It is also related to the degree of maintenance.

Generally speaking, the “life” of marble is about 40-90 years, the “life” of granite is 150-220 years, and the “life” of quartzite is more than 100 years.

Affordable china grey marble

Affordable china grey marble

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