Selection and matching of stone materials

The collocation of stone materials will affect the overall effect of decoration. So, it is necessary to introduce some common sense here:


  1. Tone is an important factor affecting the selection of stone materials. It is mainly composed of primary color, pattern, and texture. Generally, the basic color is the color of the rock matrix or the fine and uniform parts, and different colored stones often determine the decorative effect and application occasions. For example, the granite mainly in red color shows flamboyance and luxury; The granite mainly in black color shows solemn, deep, and elegant; The green marble is full of vitality; All these stones with different colors are suitable for different decoration occasions.
Black White Marble Slabs

Black White Marble Slabs

  1. Function: In addition to the color, the function of the natural-facing stone should also be considered. In the home, the stone in the living room and bedroom should be warm in color to show a warm and comfortable mood; The stone used in toilets and kitchens should be light, elegant, and cool to show cleanliness.

  1. Stone decoration intention and environmental impact. Due to different parts of the natural-facing stone decoration, the selected stone types are also different. When it is used for outdoor decoration, it needs to withstand wind, rain, and sun. Granite and quartz have low water absorption and strong weathering resistance because it does not contain carbonate, so it is better to choose various types of granite or quartz stones; The facing stone used for hall floor decoration shall have stable physical and chemical properties and high mechanical strength. Quartz stone shall be preferred; It is used for decoration of interior walls and bedroom floor. The mechanical strength is slightly poor. Marble with beautiful patterns should be selected

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