Marble is natural stone material, it is varieties are dolomite; magnesium olivine; calcite; after the course is processed, basically use at ground and metope adornment, wait for an advantage because of its wear-resisting heat-resisting, welcome by the market. marble has good decorative performance, does not contain radiation and bright color, rich color, is widely used in indoor walls, ground. High-quality marble, with the same, excellent processing quality, free of impurities and pores.

marble physical stability, well-organized, affected by the impact of grain fall off, the surface does not have a rough edge, does not affect the plane accuracy, material stability, can ensure long-term deformation, linear expansion coefficient is small, high mechanical accuracy, rust, antimagnetic, insulation.

marbles have excellent processing properties: saw, cutting, polishing, drilling, carving, etc.

Marble resources are widely distributed, which is convenient for large-scale mining and industrial processing.

However, marble is easy to weather, poor wear resistance, long-term exposure to outdoor conditions will gradually lose luster, fade, and even cracks. It is generally believed that the marble wallboard used in outdoor normal thickness (20~30mm) is only durable for 10~20 years.

marble in the building is generally used for indoor walls, applied to the outdoor needs to be treated with special waterproof anti-corrosion protection, used for indoor ground often polishing maintenance to protect the finish

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