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Ceramic Mosaic is a relatively ancient, traditional Mosaic craft. Pottery and porcelain Mosaic, in other beautiful things in eyes easy ceramic tile, its fine and exquisite posture, the style with elegance restoring ancient ways is conspicuous more. Some ceramic mosaics are polished and form irregular edges that give the appearance of erosion over time to create a sense of history and nature. This kind of Mosaic has retained the plain massiness of pottery, and there is no lack of delicate and moist porcelain, the bright spot lies in its profound cultural connotation. Stylist likes to design ceramic Mosaic commonly the waistline of metope of ceramic tile on toilet theme wall, because today ceramic Mosaic fires the color that makes a richer, go all out with all sorts of color collocation stick design, set on the wall can do a picture, the shop can have the adornment effect of carpet at the ground. The feeling that pottery and porcelain Mosaic gives a person is more high elegance mostly, archaize effect is excellent, suit the toilet of classical style. Pottery and porcelain Mosaic has different quality requirements to the product that applies at different occasion, the wear-resisting index that the shop at the ground should prep above metope Mosaic.


Because pottery and porcelain Mosaic is by the number of small ceramic tile of all sorts of different specifications, stick on kraft paper or stick in special nylon silk net to spell couplet form. Single specifications are generally 25×25mm, 45×45mm, 100×100mm, 45×95mm or circular, hexagonal shape of the small brick combination, single specifications are generally 285×285mm, 300×300mm or 318×318mm and so on. The specifications of each enterprise are different, varieties and designs are multifarious, different, and the same. Each of these small ceramic blocks is fired at high temperature, glazed and colorful. Because it is a piece of lined up paste in a certain size of paper, to facilitate laying, it is also known as “paper stone”. People began using mosaics thousands of years ago to decorate the appearance of objects, placing various inlays on walls, floors, columns, shields, carvings, and jewel ornaments.

Product features


According to the “ceramic tile and sanitary ceramic classification and terminology”, ceramic Mosaic belongs to the porcelain brick fan chip, its physical properties, such as water absorption rate should be less than 0.5%, Frost resistance, breakdown strength, rupture modulus, thermal shock resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, friction coefficient, acid-proof alkaline, thermal expansion coefficient, and so on should be reached GB/T41001-1999 dry pressing brick of pottery and porcelain, “the technical requirements for porcelain tiles, ceramic Mosaic has its uniqueness because is one of the characteristics of several small ceramic tiles of union, therefore, Not only the appearance and deformation of each small brick meet the requirements of the “ceramic Mosaic brick” industry standard, but also the spacing of each small brick, that is, the line of each brick should be uniform to achieve a satisfactory paving effect. In addition, in the way of paving, there are two kinds of paper anti-paving and net paving. The net is paving the good effect, gradually replacing the paper paving.

Ceramic Mosaic is very widely used, now the new ceramic Mosaic is widely used in hotels, hotel high-rise decoration, and ground decoration. Show the grandeur of the building. Because Mosaic color expression is rich, the single-piece element is small and exquisite, can spell the design with disparate style, to achieve not a common visual effect, accordingly, ceramic Mosaic also applies to the adornment of the fountain, swimming pool, bar, ballroom, gymnasium, and park. In the meantime, as a result of preventing slippery performance is good, also often use at the domestic toilet, bath pool, balcony, dining-room, the ground of sitting room is decorated, point out especially here is the ceramic mural that uses at large public activity venue, can show the artistic glamour of Mosaic more, become the most avant-garde adornment art.

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